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LCA2011 - Day 1 to 5

28th February, 2011 08:00 PM by Sikosis
Here is the day by day blog of the Linux Conference Australia 2011.

  • Day One

    First, let me get this disclaimer out, I'm not a big Linux fan or user. I see it has it's place and I certainly use it (I have it running on my Sony UMPC at present), however, I'm not a rabid fan boy. That being said LCA is of course, very linux focused, but it's also Open Source focused and that's where I come in.

  • Day Two

    Day 2 began with the highlight of the conference, the morning keynote by Vint Cerf, the Father of the Internet. He gave an excellent talk and he's a very smart, switched on man.

  • Day Three

    As today is Australia Day, I'm not attending LCA2011, but instead having a BBQ and drinks with friends and celebrating the Top 20 DnB of 2010. Hope you all had fun, it was a bloody hot day.

  • Day Four

    Day 4 was another hot one in Brisbane, but was kicked off with a great keynote from the creator of sendmail, Eric Allman. Very nice talk on why he did why he did and what he would have done. Very humbling.

  • Day Five

    Today is the last day of LCA 2011. Whilst not the official last day, as there is an Open Day on tomorrow with stalls and such, in reality though - today is the last day.

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