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LCA2011 - Day 4

27th January, 2011 07:40 PM by Sikosis
Day 4 was another hot one in Brisbane, but was kicked off with a great keynote from the creator of sendmail, Eric Allman. Very nice talk on why he did why he did and what he would have done. Very humbling.

Eric Allman

After Morning Tea, I was very much looking forward to Rusty Russell's Advanced Coding C for Fun! talk ... even though at the Speaker's Dinner when he asked what I was talking about, I said "the Haiku Operating System" and he said "Oh you're that nutbag." (laugh) -- and boy, he's out there.

Rusty Russell

That being said this was the first time I'd actually gotten to see some code and code demos, which was great and he went through building up from a couple of hundred to a think nearly a thousand lines of code by adding other libraries to tackle what he was doing, where he enabled code to be upgraded whilst still running and did some hairbrained "impossible" solution with even more lines of code to do it as well.

I then walked from L to N block to see the man with the 3 coloured dyed hair, Stewart Smith, give his no holds barred talk on RDBMS, Apple for it's fsync, NoSQL, MongoDB and more.

Dropping ACID

Earlier in the week I saw someone's tweet that there was a sushi place around Kelvin Grove campus. So, for lunch I went for a walk and happily found it, with it's nice portions of salmon nigiri *drools*.


It was quite hot and I wasn't feeling the best, so I decided to head home and hop on the video streams from the conference, as I'd had no luck with them earlier in the week, I was pleasantly surprised when it did work. It was quite cool, as I was able to jump from room to room, without having to do all that walking :)

I checked out a session on Perl Programming Best Practices, Jon Oxer's awesome Kinect project, where he's using his hands to control a Parrot (helicopter drone) and other things he's wired up around the house thanks to Arduinos; plus a little bit of Google's Go, which to me it's like solving a problem I don't have, but as my friend Jimmy Ti points out they made it for themselves and then released it to the world.

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