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Six Students Accepted in GSOC

20th April, 2009 07:05 AM by Sikosis
Haiku is pleased to announce that Google has allotted them with six students for this year's Summer of Code.

Internationalization support for Haiku
* Student: Adrien Destugues
* Mentor: Oliver Tappe

CIFS client Implementation
* Student : Obaro Ogbo
* Mentor : Bruno Albuquerque

Port Haiku to ARM architecture
* Student : Johannes Wischert
* Mentor : Francois Revol

Update DriveSetup/Disk_Device
* Student : Bryce Groff
* Mentor : Ingo Weinhold

Integrate WebKit in Haiku native browser
* Student : Maxime Simon
* Mentor : Ryan Leavengood

Implementing ZeroConf support for Haiku with mDNSResponder
* Student : jie ma
* Mentor : Axel Dörfler

Excellent news for Haiku and we wish the students and mentors the best of luck over the coming months.

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