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GoBe is Back ?

23rd January, 2008 11:23 AM by Sikosis
"Backed by new investors, a new team and deeper pockets, GoBe Productive is now back with a vengeance promising to shake up the Office space.

Blue Lotus Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, the new company founded by a clutch of new investors and with equity participation by GoBe Corporation, has launched the product again from India.

"We have access to a lot of money and there is a tremendous amount of resources behind us in this project," he added.

GoBe's features apart, its pricing is the USP that Blue Lotus is banking up on to give Microsoft a run for its money.

The MS Office ranges from $149 for the home and student edition to whopping $679 for the Ultimate edition in the US on eBay.

GoBe Productive is being sold at one-twentieth the price: Rs 1,250 or $31 per licence in India. It is likely to be priced similarly in the US where it is slated for launch within 60-90 days."

Personally, I found GoBe 2.0 on BeOS was a little clunky. Sure, there were people who raved about it and still do to this day, as long as they can compete with the file formats of MS, then I think they'll do well. It also mentions that they're planning to buy BeOS ... which is even more interesting ... so, waiting for more info, before commenting on this one.

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