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20th November, 2007 09:45 AM by Sikosis
With all the various Haiku events that happen around the world, I thought I'd take the time to collate all this information and group them month by month. So, here goes ...

January - BG (Germany) / BeGeistert (Germany)
February - SCALE (California, USA) / FOSDEM (Brussels, Belgium)
March - Numerica (France)
April -
May - Google Summer of Code (thru til August)
June -
July - WalterCon ?
August - Linux Picn*x (California, USA) / Haiku Anniversary
September -
October - T-DOSE (The Netherlands)
November - Kansai (Japan) / BeGeistert (Germany)
December -

I thought I'd better put this on the Haiku site, so I've created the new Haiku Events page.

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