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Niels drops a T-DOSE of Haiku

15th October, 2007 07:01 PM by Sikosis
"A few hours ago I had my Haiku talk on the Dutch Open Source event T-DOSE, and I'm still glowing all over. The attendence was above all my expectations, around 25 people were in the room. And despite of the last minute all night changes I had to make, the speech went fluently. Someone made a few pictures, which I hope to be able to post soon, and more importantly, I'm on tv! I'm on Sunday around 11 AM, so have a look!

I'd sincerely like to thank the T-DOSE organisers, Jeroen Baten and Jean-Paul Saman, for making this event possible. Read on for more!"

You can also head on over to City TV and stream the tech talk.

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