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Preference - Backgrounds

16th October, 2005 11:52 AM by Sikosis

Backgrounds allows you to set each workspace's background colour or image. It also allows you to select an image for the background in your Tracker windows, Icon or Mini Icon mode only, List View mode doesn't support background images.

The first pop up lets you set the target workspace (or folder), the next pop up allows you to select No Image (None), a previously selected one or the option to browse your Hard Drive for a suitable picture. The next pop up deals with placement of the image, with the options being Manual, Center, Scale to fit and Tile. Center and Scale to fit do not apply to folders.

The Icon label background box, when ticked, applies your chosen colour to the label boxes of your Desktop Icons, otherwise, the labels are transparent. Finally, the colour picker is where you select the colour for your background/labels.

Status: 100% Completed
Binary: Download (x86)
Source: /trunk/src/preferences/backgrounds/
Developer: Jerome Duval aka Korli (jerome.duval at
Bug Reporting: Click Here

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