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WalterCon is out, FalterCon is in ...

1st August, 2007 09:59 AM by Sikosis
FalterConAs WalterCon was cancelled on 24th July due to a lack of interest, the remaining Haiku loyalists/fans have decided to hold their own conference named FalterCon.

"We will be gathering to get to know each other, do some much needed advocacy/PR for Haiku (we will bring leaflets and CDs to hand out), exchange information about the project and, of course, have some fun!

Some of us will bring our laptops with us, and some network gear (ie., wifi router, cables, etc.) so that we can access the net from Haiku. Keep an eye on the forums for the details as they develop."

So, head on over to their site to check out more info.

Update: FalterCon has now been official endorsed by Haiku Inc.

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