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New Factory

12th June, 2007 02:14 PM by Sikosis
After being away for 6-7 weeks travelling, I came back to find the BeOS Build Factory machine was not in a good state. Everytime, it tries to checkout the source, it crashes. After spending a week trying to fix the issue, I've decided that due to the other issues such as poor networking on net_server, I'm now setting up a Linux Build Factory machine.

I decided to pick Ubuntu 7.04, as it's gained a lot of hype recently and someone had posted in May that they built Haiku on it. The new factory is now checking out all the source, so hopefully, it should be operational in the next day or two.

Update 13/6: Run into a few issues, but so far, I've been able to overcome them thanks to gotaku on the IRC channel. Jam is built, so are the cross-compile tools. Unfortunately, it's not letting me update the source I checked out yesterday, so I'm forcing it to get the source again.

Update 14/6: Source is down and it's now jammin' away quite nicely. Hopefully, I'll have a new Haiku HD Image and Haiku VMware Image ready for consumption soon ...

Update 15/6: Things seem to be okay. I've now updated the VMware Virtual Appliance site to link to the daily built vmware image.

Update 19/6: Today, I managed to spruce up the Haiku Build Factory page, by converting it from a standalone site to drupal blocks and pages. I've also left off the jam packages at the moment, as they're not currently being updated.

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