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Post WalterCon and Chicklets

4th December, 2006 06:00 PM by Sikosis
Now that the dust has settled from WalterCon 2006, we at the Preferences Team, are looking forward to the coming year.

We have a new team page, which will hopefully be launched with the new site within a week or so (fingers crossed eh Koki). The new team page is designed to give focus to new and existing developers. I'll also be creating some tools of my own, as I'm using DotProject to manage all the Applications. DotProject has no public front end, and over the coming months, I hope to develop something to show off the status of the various applications.

Also, I was bored the other day, so I made up some Haiku OS chicklets.

Haiku OS Haiku OS Haiku Podcast Team Haiku

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