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Mucking Around with libcurl

3rd September, 2011 04:40 AM by Sikosis
So, thanks to HDU 2011, I've been getting back into dabbling with Haiku C++ coding whenever I've been able to get a spare moment.

In that spare time, I've managed to start work on a new project called HaikuSCP, an open source GUI front end to scp, with profiles and drag n drop file support.

HaikuSCP v0.3

For awhile I've wanted to do a Dropbox client for Haiku, so I started to have a crack at it and kept getting strange cert errors; I then decided perhaps, I should try an easier web service first.

I searched through a list of popular web services and soon sourced something relatively simple, - the URL shortening service. With a couple of hours to nut out the libcurl functionality and a few more for the basic GUI, bitly was released to the public via Haikuware. for Haiku v0.3

These releases are the first versions, so when I get more downtime you can expect future updates.

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