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LCA2011 - Day 2

25th January, 2011 11:32 PM by Sikosis
Day 2 began with the highlight of the conference, the morning keynote by Vint Cerf, the Father of the Internet. He gave an excellent talk and he's a very smart, switched on man.

Packed House for Vint Cerf

I stuck around for a few of the sysadmin sessions, especially the interesting talk about Carrot and Stick. Carrot doesn't work. The Stick does. Make the developers TALK to the Customers. It works! I also liked the Samba 4 talk, as we rely heavily on it at work. I then got up and walked down to L block and checked out the talk on MeeGo, which was as about as informative as the Wikipedia entry. I would have liked more from this talk.


Still, Nokia treated us to a brown paper bag lunch, which wasn't too bad with Chicken sandwich, cookies, Snickers bar and apple.

Free Lunch thanks to Nokia

We were then going to learn about doing Android development using C++ and not that dirty four letter word *java*. Unfortunately, the bad news is you have to make your C++ app trick Android into thinking it's a Java app and you also have reduced functionality. In the long run, it didn't seem really worth it -- again I wish there was some code demos with this talk.

Ryan Stuart then gave an impromptu talk on the mobile web app for LCA2011 that he wrote in 24 hours using Sencha.

Ryan Stuart @ LCA2011

There was then a brief talk on Android Scripting, which looks interesting and I might have to look into it some more when this conference is over.

Android Scripting

I then saw John Williams give a talk on FGPAs, which was good, even though I had a little power nap for a couple of minutes during it; I blame the vending machines being out of stock. I then checked out Carol Smith, Google's coordinator of Google's Summer (Winter) of Code.
Carol Smith - GSoC

At this point, it was time to head up to the shuttle bus to take us to the Speaker's Dinner at the Brisbane Convention Centre (Mezzanine), where we had drinks and nibbles in the lobby, before heading into Bongo Hero before having a nice meal.

Speaker's Dinner

Mains   Dessert

At the speakers dinner I got to chat to a couple of people from the LCA community, including a rather cheerful chap who was taking photos and was doing a theme of "faces" and so snapped me when trying to make me laugh. His flickr photostream can be found here.


Speakers Dinner - Me in the background

I was then in a little pain and thought it's time to head home, so I decided to take a brief walk through the flood affected streets of South Bank, noticing the thin layer of mud that coats everything, but at least it will eventually wash away. I then snapped this nice picture of the Wheel of Brisbane.

Wheel of Brisbane

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