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WalterCon 2006

30th October, 2006 11:48 PM by Sikosis
"WalterCon 2006 was held this past weekend in Orlando, Florida, and for those who have been waiting to know what it was all about, the wait is over.

Jem Matzan of The Jem Report was at WalterCon, and he has written an interesting article on the conference that gives an overview of the event, and also makes some insightful observations as someone new to the project and the platform."

Official WalterCon Site
"Haiku Rocks" - Video - YouTube
"Haiku Rocks" - Video - Google Video
"Haiku Rocks" - Video - 54mb (Torrent)

WalterCon 2006 - Intro - YouTube

WalterCon 2006 - Intro - Google Video
WalterCon 2006 - Intro - 9.9mb (Torrent)

WalterCon 2006 - Michael Phipps - Google Video
WalterCon 2006 - Michael Phipps - 56mb (Torrent)

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