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Happy 11th Birthday Haiku !

18th August, 2012 07:05 AM by Sikosis
Happy 11th Birthday Haiku !On this day in History: Back in 2001, the Haiku OS (then OpenBeOS) project was started. The project has come along way in the last 11 years with 3 Alpha releases and many improvements over it's original goal of binary compatibility with BeOS R5.

So, join me and others from around the globe as we celebrate all that is the Haiku.

PS. We're also counting down til Haiku Down Under #hdu2012.

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Java on Haiku

31st July, 2012 05:11 AM by Sikosis
Hamish has been working hard on the port of OpenJDK and recently posted his mid-term report.

"After my quarter term report I worked on various bugs in the AWT port reported by testers, such as keyboard input problems. I also began reading up on the media kit in preparation for the next part of my project: the jsound port. This will bring audio and MIDI functionality to the OpenJDK port. Over the last week I made a start on the implementation for PCM input/output."

He also goes on to provide a 160MB binary, which you can install on your Haiku system and start using Java applications.

It's no secret that I've never liked Java. Back in 1997, I started to self-teach myself the language but quickly found it too esoteric and slow for my liking; favouring languages like PHP instead. That being said, every Windows system I setup, the two pre-requisites that I always installed were Flash and Java.

With Adobe basically "screwing the pooch" with Flash and Google giving Java a much needed boost by using it exclusively on their Android OS, though Sun still tried to sue them (can't we all just get along ?), it's good to see Haiku getting a boost with Java too.

By this I mean, apps. There are a ton of Java apps out there. One of my favourites, is muCommander, which I use on both Windows and OS X at present, I now have it functioning on Haiku too. More apps for Haiku can only be a good thing and who knows, in the future maybe people will be developing Android apps on Haiku too.

Click here for the full story.

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