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Scripting with Hey

15th January, 2011 06:23 AM by Sikosis
Here you will find some basics on hey scripting for Haiku.

First, you'll need to grab a copy of hey and install it.

Next, open Terminal and type "hey" and you should be prompted with it's command line defaults such as:-

hey v1.2.4, written by Attila Mezei ( usage: hey [-s] >* [to ] [with name= [and name=]*] where : DO|GET|SET|COUNT|CREATE|DELETE|GETSUITES|QUIT|SAVE|LOAD|'what' : [the] [ | name | "name" | '"name"' ] : int | -int | '['int']' | '['-int']' | '['startint to end']' : "string" | | | bool(value) | int8(value) | int16(value) | int32(value) | float(value) | double(value) | BPoint(x,y) | BRect(l,t,r,b) | rgb_color(r,g,b,a) | file(path) options: -s: silent First command you'll want to know about is the GETSUITES command. You use this to interrogate the application, to find out what it will respond to.

hey print_server GETSUITES
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